Photo credit: David Noah

Photo credit: David Noah

Lisa Freeman

Lisa Freeman is an artist based in Athens, Georgia, who was born in Toronto, Ontario in 1965.

Lisa Freeman has worked in the medium of painting, but recently her art has shifted to a focus on assemblage art using found objects. Drawn to discarded objects and photographs, Freeman explores the mystery of the forgotten, allowing the objects to lead the narrative and inviting the viewer to participate in the mystery.

Lisa Freeman is a prolific artist and a prominent member of the Athens art community. Her works have been featured in galleries and exhibits since 2006, and she has created nine solo exhibitions. Freeman is a self-made artist, and works full time as an artist based out of her in-home studio.

Every piece of art by Lisa Freeman is original in every sense of the term. Her art inspires you to focus on the uncomfortable, accept the undetermined, and embrace the unknown.